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New Book: Designed to Evolve

New Book: Designed to Evolve
Available in Kindle format and in paperback!
(The first print edition is now available!)

From the curator of, Motif Press presents the book, Designed to Evolve.  This book presents the modern rational for a creator, compiled from the science of our day.  Recent discoveries have exposed new lines of evidence for God.  Modern versions of traditional arguments still hold true.  Big Bang cosmology, particle physics, natural history, and biology are analyzed in a vivid chronology of the universe, revealing the beauty of creation and making the sciences of origin comprehensible to the non-scientist.

This goes beyond the information presented on this website, taking this exploration to the next level. The facts are presented with a rich reference set from peer-reviewed science journals and publications.

Visit the Designed to Evolve website for more information:

Evidence for Creation

Evidence for Creationism and God's Existence
Modern science supports the fact that the universe was created by God. Common sense examples from mainstream science are presented in this section.
1. Finite Age: The age of the universe is finite. The universe is not eternal, it needs a cause. See why the most viable cause is creation by God.
2. Fine Tuning: The universe is fine tuned for life and complexity. This is not a trivial condition. The constants of nature are tuned to just the right values to a high degree of precision.
3. Genesis Predictions: Predictions in Genesis about conditions throughout Earth's developement can now be compared to scientific discovery in our time. The startling agreement can only be explained by devine revelation of scripture, thousands of years ago.

General Science Info

General Science Here are explanations of some basic principles of physics and cosmology related the study of origins.
Thermodynamics: How these basic laws influence matter in the universe.
Relativity: The strange effects of special and general relativity are explained.
Big Bang Theory: It's not just a television sitcom. This is a natural expectation from general relativity and is the predominant cosmological model of the universe.

Old Earth Creationism

Creation of the EarthMany scholars believe that the Genesis account of creation describes the order of creation events, but that it was not intended to constrain the timeframe in which those events occured. This view is refered to as Old Earth Creationism. This view of creation is in excellent agreement with the findings of science. Especially since this view of Earth history gives the same picture as that found through modern science.
Age of the Earth: Scientific reasons for an old Earth and universe.
Theological Support: The theological basis for an old Earth and universe.
Creation Timeline: A cross reference between modern science's description of Earth history and the Genesis creation account. This shows the high level of accuracy of the biblical creation account at revealing details of Earth's prehistory.
Creation Models: A brief overview of each of the various views on the creation story.

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