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Evidence for a Created Universe

From many unrelated branches of science we find evidence pertaining to God's existence and His influence on our world. This evidence is found in cosmology, geology, biology, the fossil record, etc. The fact that our universe is finite in age, fine tuned for life, and is discoverable to us, all lend support for a created realm. Additionally, predictions from the Bible can be tested in the present age. Some of this is truly amazing, as science begins to uncover details of our ultimate origin.

The following list outlines the major categories of evidence that pertain to origin. Through each branch of science we find evidence for the role of the Creator in bringing our universe into being. The title of each listing is a link that provides more detailed explanations.  

Finite Age

Finite Age of the Universe

The fact that our universe is finite in age is a major challenge for the naturalistic world view. When the big bang was first proposed it received much criticism for this reason. Before this time the steady state theory of the universe was the preferred model. But now that big bang theory is well established and proven beyond reasonable doubt, the universe is left lacking a natural cause for it's existence. Anything that is not eternal, needs a creation mechanism to exist. The big bang can not explain why the universe began. It simply describes how the universe has evolved since the beginning.  (See Finite Age of the Universe for details)
Fine Tuned Universe

Fine Tuned Universe

The naturalist might say it was a great cosmic accident, a magnificent quantum fluctuation, that birthed our universe these many billions of years ago. But this argument is incomplete when we consider how perfectly the laws of physics are crafted to suit life and complexity. It would seem that a random assortment of laws and constants would have little chance of supporting any form of complexity.

This principle has become known as fine-tuning. Throughout the various branches of physics, there is a small set of constants that occur repeatedly in the equations that control our universe. These constants do not have derived values, but are truly fundamental, determined only by measurement. Because there is no reason for the values they have, it is striking that they are exactly what they need to be for life to be possible. And not just life, but some of these constants if different by 2% would preclude even stable atoms from forming. Another parameter could not deviate by even a minute fraction of a percent, without preventing our universe from lasting long enough for stars or galaxies to form. This has lead some cosmologists to conclude that the universe must have been designed by some supreme intelligence. (See Fine Tuned Universe for complete details)
Genesis Predictions

Genesis Predictions

The Genesis account does not specify any date of creation, though the order of events are clearly stated. By recognizing that the “days” of creation are describing “ages” in Earth's history, the creation events line up remarkably against the geologic and fossil records. This supports the validity of the bible, since this geological history was recorded in Genesis over 3000 years ago, long before science could detect these facts. These predictions of future discovery have been verified only in the present day. (See Genesis Predictions for examples) (Also see the Creation Time Line for a chronological comparison of Genesis to the geological and fossil record.)
Bible Predictions

Other Biblical Predictions

Here are a few more predictions made from other parts of the Bible. Specifically many scriptures in support of big bang theory. (See Biblical Predictions)

While these lines of reasoning are compelling, this list is by no means complete.  And many new discoveries are being made all the time. Quantum mechanics, the discoverable nature of the universe, human history, biology, human mind and will, are all areas of study that add to evidence for the case supporting a Creator. 

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