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The overwhelming evidence from science confirms the existence of God. The bible is also verified by it's predictions of future discovery. This provides a logical basis for belief. This does not discount faith, but provides a path to it. There is no faith more secure than faith that has seen proof with her own eyes.

This is the reason for this site. To share the truths that many have discovered, and provide it for those seeking answers to the question of origins and of purpose. The parallel account of God's work and power is recorded on the fabric of time and within the holy scriptures.

Here is a list of basic principles employed here that guide the interpretation of scripture and the application of science. This method shows that logic and faith need not conflict, but that both provide support for the other.

Relation of Science to the Bible
1. Science is reliable for well established, time-tested principles. Though it is always subject to revision as new data becomes available. Scientific claims of an unsound theory may hold for a short time, but the rigors of cross examination and testing will show it false in time. This gives us reason to trust long held theories with clear evidence and predictions, and reason to use caution with new, untested or speculative ideas.
2. The Bible is infallible in it's original form and intent. Traditions, personal opinion, and expanded interpretations are subject to human error. This includes models supported by this website and of those with differing opinions. Interpretations are not perfect and may require adjustment as new data is available. Research and prayer is required for each of us to choose the creation model that works best.
3. Historical perspectives, context, and scientific evidence provide useful tools to aide in the interpretation of scripture. Ignoring these, can lead to misunderstandings.
4. A complete view of reality necessarily includes physical and spiritual perspectives. The Bible does not describe every detail of past events, nor can science fully explain existence or the nature of God.

The natural world is God's design, the laws of nature are His commands. God is not far away, but personally interacts with His creation continually. Science detects His tools and methods, while the Bible gives the reasons and the purpose for His actions. Science and Scripture reveal two sides of the same coin, different vantage points of the same creation.

updated Apr 21, 2011
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