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Higgs is Found, Now What?

By C. S. Davis
Jul 28, 2012

CMS Higgs-eventWhat is the Higgs boson?

On July 4, physicists around the world applauded the discovery of a new particle, believed to be the higgs boson. This massive particle is theorized to hold the key to a universal field that provides the mechanism for giving mass to elementary particles. If this particle and the field it mediates are confirmed, then the standard model of particle physics is correct, and more unknown physics may be waiting to be discovered.

How does the "god particle" impact religion?

Though it has been called the "god particle", it has little to do with God. However, it does add to the list of essential particles with which to construct a universe that is capable of supporting life. Without this particle, other particles could never slow down enough to stick together and form complex structures, like atoms, molecules, rocks, planets, stars, galaxies, and lifeforms.

While some have argued that finding this particle somehow supports naturalism, eliminating the need for a god to create the universe; this is not true. What it does do, is validate the standard model of particle physics, which by extension, adds support for the big bang as well. As you know, if you've visited any of the pages on Rare Universe, big bang theory and particle physics are not only completely compatible with creation by God (through Old Earth Creationism), but also provide evidence for the existence of God.

It is also prudent to remember that it is too early to tell if the particle that physicists discovered this summer, is in fact the higgs, and if this particle has all the properties that are expected of it, being the moderator of a universal field. It will be exciting to see the details coming out of Cern, as more study is completed. No doubt, new remarkable properties of this elusive particle may be discovered. I would expect new examples of fine tuning in its properties will be found, further demonstrating the divine conscious effort required to make life possible.

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posted Jul 28, 2012
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