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Wow! Signal in the Genetic Code

By C. S. Davis
Mar 17, 2013

The world of biology is about to be turned up side down.  Reports are out about a hidden inscription within the genetic code.  Not within a few sequences out of the billions, but a pattern within the coding language itself. Not only does it span all elements of the code, but there are multiple overlapping patterns, each highly organized with no natural explanation for its existence.

Wow! Signal from SETI 1977DNA Structure and its suitability for artificial data storage.

Back in the late 1970's SETI researchers were contemplating other channels of information storage that could be employed by extraterrestrial civilizations. An advanced intelligence could theoretically alter or even design the genetic code of a primitive organism. Leaving within that code a numeric inscription that would be forever recorded in the descendants of that creature, even after billions of years of evolution.

The code of interest here is not the sequence within a DNA molecule, but the mapping rules employed by the cell to interpret the code. The rungs of the a DNA strand are made up of one of four bases which are: adenine (A), thymine(T), guanine (G), and cytosine (C). The bases are read in groups of three (a codon), with each codon interpreted as one of the 20 amino acids or as a stop command. Since there are 3 letters and four values, this leads to 64 possible combinations, more combinations than are needed to code for the amino acids.  This leaves room for redundancy in the code, and it is this redundancy that could be structured in a way that conveys an unmistakable imprint of intelligent intent.

Numerical patterns embedded in our genetic code.

So this is just the sort of signal researchers set out to test for in our own genetic code. What they found will change the way we look at the genetic code forever. When counting nucleons within each amino acid, and their sums as grouped according to their codon mapping, a mathematical pattern emerges. This they dubbed the "Wow! Signal" of the terrestrial genetic code, for its resemblance to an alien transmission such as the type that SETI seeks when listening in on radio transmissions from space. Three different signal analysis techniques were employed, each finding a unique mathematical pattern consistent throughout the code. One striking feature was that all of the patterns followed numerical arrangements that favored a base-10 (decimal) numbering system. These patterns (like numerals 111, 222, 333, 444...) showing up in the results only look interesting in a decimal numbering system. If someone left the code there intentionally, it would seem they knew what numbering system we would use to read it as well. Another interesting find was an equation known as the Egyptian Triangle, 32 + 42 = 52, which is (9+16=25). This very formula was sent on the Voyager plaques, now in deep space, as a testament to our own intelligence.

Since these patterns cover the whole genetic mapping with perfect adherence, chance does not offer any explanation for this find. The authors estimated the probability for the three patterns existing only by natural occurrence at 0.000000000000024. With no natural explanation for this, the authors conclude that the signal was artificially implanted in our code. This would have been done billions of years ago, as all life on our planet shares the genetic code, with most present forms still having the identified patterns still in tact.

While these new patterns demonstrate clear intelligent intent, the recognition of the orderly and intentional structure of the code is not new. Just looking at a list of the codons and amino acid pairings and you get a sense for this. See the figures below. Figure 1 is our actual genetic code, figure 2 shows a more likely arrangement if it were truly random, resulting from natural selection. This new analysis simply reinforces the orderly structure to a more sophisticated level.

genetic code: random or intentional?

The only explanation for the WOW! signal in the genetic code.

Though nowhere in the research results is their any suggestion of God, everyone who examines the results is sure to come to that conclusion. Nothing more needs to be said. Only God could have done the computations billions of years ago and embedded this imprint into the genetic code of Earth life. Only God would have known what numbering system would be used billions of years later by strange creatures who count on their fingers. Only God could have designed the genetic code with such simplicity and perfection that allows for the wide array of lifeforms on this planet.

Once again, science has found God. And it is only the beginning. When Jesus was told to rebuke his disciples for worshiping him: "He answered, 'I tell you, if these were silent, the very stones would cry out.'" (Luke 19:40 ESV). So many deny God, and now nature is proclaiming Him!

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posted Mar 17, 2013
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