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RareUniverse.Org exists to dispel the myths of atheism and to endorse science as a means of discovery, both of creation and of God. Faith need not eschew science; the Bible and the findings of science are in excellent agreement through old earth creationism. Science needs to embrace faith as it once did, for a complete understanding of the universe.

About the Director

I am engineer and analyst by trade. Though not an expert of any single field of science, I am very well educated in the broader sciences. Scientists sometimes get lost in theory, and can lose sight of the real world. As an engineer, I tend to think practically, solving problems to arrive at a solution. This allows me to see the big picture, that perhaps some of the leaders in the sciences might miss.

I grew up in a small church that taught young earth creationism. For most people, this viewpoint may have had little effect on their life. But for me, this represented a stumbling point when faced with the sciences I studied in college. For a while I would just dismiss those elements of science that were in conflict with my personal world view. But such an approach failed to contain my need to understand the universe around me. Then I began my research into every aspect of origin. From the big bang, to the origin of life, to Earth prehistory. Evaluating everything, accepting nothing without proof. I had to shelve my beliefs and prior preconceptions, temporarily, to make unbiased assessments of the facts. This was not a rejection of faith, but a step of faith. Knowing that God would show himself in the natural realm.

What I found changed my world view completely. I found that God is evident in every aspect of creation, and is revealed in science. The young earth view I knew created conflict. But a world view based on old earth creationism harmonizes so well with science, the two lend support for each other. The most startling realization is that there exists so much proof of God in mainstream science, but it is rarely talked about. That is why I founded Rare Universe, to expose these rarely published facts. To see the acts of God recorded on the fabric of space and time, as revealed to us through scientific investigation, is like a glimpse of God's glory.

I hope that you will find this site helpful and would be happy to answer any questions you may have. See my contact information below. If you have found this website helpful, tell others, and "like" us on facebook from the button below or use the send button to send our link to someone, so others can benefit from this too.

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updated Jul 5, 2011
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