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Here are a variety of links that are related to origins and the ultimate nature of reality. We include both references to websites that are in support of old earth creationism as outlined at RareUniverse.Org, as well as sites with opposing views, so you can see other viewpoints and make the most informed decision in the choosing of your own world view.

Old Earth Creation Links

Designed2Evolve.com - This site is all about the book: Designed to Evolve. In this book, evidence for God is exposed through every branch of science.
GodandScience.org - This is one of my favorites. There is a lot of good theological and related scientific information here.
BibleAndScience.com - A broad collection of ideas on creationism, young earth, old earth, and theistic evolution.
Reasons.org - A popular old earth creation site.
DoesGodExist.org - An appeal to logic of God's existence.
AnswersinCreation.org - Here are some answers to many of the claims of young earth creationism.
Time Article: God vs. Science - An interesting debate between a Christian scientist and an atheist scientist.
TheisticEvolution.org - A site about theistic evolution.
CounterBalance.net - Here is a site that looks at issues relating to science and religion.

Young Earth Creation Links

 - This is a popular young earth creationism site.     
NWCreation.net - This is the heart of the intelligent design movement.
CreationWiki.org - Here are some of the young earth creationist's arguments against the big bang. As well as arguments against other findings of mainstream science and an old Earth.

Atheism / Naturalism Links

Atheists.org - A mainly political atheist site.
RichardDawkins.net - A site from Richard Dawkins, one of the most famous atheist scientists, and author of many books in support of atheism.
 - For a rather morbid and cynical perspective, and religion bashing.


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Religious Links - Bible online, Plan of Salvation.

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