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Genesis Predictions

The Bible makes a number of claims about the early history of the Earth and the nature of the universe. When looking for these predictions, we must recognize that the biblical account of creation was meant to be heard by all generations. For thousands of years humans lacked science, therefore the descriptions are simple. Early languages did not even have words for a "billion", or have any concept of DNA or space-time. So we recognize that it was appropriate to use the word day to describe an age in geologic history.

Also, rigorous definitions of various kinds of creatures were not available. So the descriptions do not fall into strict modern groupings such as reptile, mammal, amphibian, etc. But simply represents the first creatures that looked basically like the ones described.

With these things in mind, a correlation of scientific data of our day with the biblical creation account shows remarkable agreement. (See the Creation Time Line for details). Here is a summary of the predictions from Genesis, all of which are now supported by modern science:

List of Predictions

1. The universe is not eternal, it has a finite age.  This is supported by big bang theory.  Timeline of Creation    
2. The surface of the early Earth was dark.  Due to the thick primordial atmosphere of the newly formed world, as predicted by modern planet formation theories. This is described in Gen 1:2.
3. Water was present early on in Earth's history.  Zircons(uranium containing crystals), which can be dated accurately, have been found to have formed in the presence of liquid water 4.4 billion years ago.  This upset the prior expectation that the early earth was too hot for oceans, but aligns well with descriptions in Genesis. 
4. Not only was the Earth wet, but it lacked continents and was covered in a world wide ocean before major continent formation took place. The Earth is described in Genesis as formless and void, lacking land mass until day 3.
5. The preparation of the Earth was not instantaneous, but was progressive, each step taking time.
6. The correct order of key events in the history of the Earth are predicted: (See the Creation Time Line for more details.)
  i. The formation of the Sun, Earth, Moon, and stars. (Includes the whole universe)
ii. The initial thinning of the Earth's atmosphere.
iii. The reduction of water in the atmosphere.
iv. The formation of continents.
v. The appearance of plant life on land. (This is supported only by DNA evidence, as no plant fossils have been found from this time. However, "plant" can be a loose term here, which could have included things like algae and lichens which are known to exist in the Precambrian.)
vi. The completion of our oxygen rich atmosphere that is transparent enough for heavenly bodies to be seen from the surface.
vii. The appearance of a multitude of sea creatures. (The Cambrian explosion)
viii. The appearance of birds. (Existent since the age of the dinosaurs)
ix. The appearance of modern land animals. (The rise of large mammals)
x. The appearance of humans. 
7. The formation of a supercontinent. (all land as one continent)
8. The late arrival of man.  Modern humans have existed on Earth for merely thousands of years, out of the billions of years of Earth history. This is confirmed within the fossil record.

From a strictly naturalistic perspective it is difficult to explain how these predictions could be made thousands of years before the science existed to discover them. However, from a complete view of reality that includes recognition of the spiritual side of our universe, it is perfectly clear. The Bible is indeed the inspired word of God. Only in our time has scientific verification of the creation account been possible. This gives us a privileged place in time.  Now we witness the hand of God through scientific investigation.

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updated Oct 15, 2012
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