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   About this Blog


What is C S Davis' Science Blog?

What is this blog about?

On this blog I will explore current science news and how it relates to the main topics of Specifically these questions will be asked about any new current event: Does this provide any new evidence for God as creator? Does this finding present any challanges to any creation models? Does this tell us something about the nature of the Creator? Does this relate to anything found in the Bible? Does this event represent a major breakthrough or discovery that will impact our knowledge of the universe? Of course, I reserve the right to cover any other topic that I find interesting.

Who is C. S. Davis and where does he get all this stuff?

I graduated with a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering. My education was heavily weighted in science, and I excelled in it. My day job as finite element analyst keeps my bills paid, but my life's work begins after sunset. I have continued to research into physics, astronomy, biology, geology, natural history, and about every scientific venue. I keep up to date by following original research published in science journals, and through my membership with the American Association for the Advancement of Science. I also have explored the philosophical positions on science and religion from many perspectives.

As an engineer, I am logical and like to stick to the facts. Some promenent scientists have come up with some grand ideas about the universe and how it came to be. But any claims must have evidence, to merit any impact on our view of reality. The big bang, solar system formation theories, the fossil record, etc are backed up by very good data and warrent our consideration. 
Alternate universes, alternate cosmologies, alternate biologies, and other such notions that lack supporting evidence remain as pure speculation. I want to help people see what the provable facts are saying about the universe, and sort out speculation and misinformation.

In addition to building Rare Universe website, I am also writing a book covering these same topics.

What does Chris believe?

If you have explored the pages of, then you already have a good idea of my views on God, science, creationism, etc. My position is essentially this: God shows himself in the natural world, using the forces of nature to carry out his work. The Bible is the infallible word of God, and provides countless examples of God working in this way. Science can reveal the methods of God, while the Bible reveals his heart. Old earth creationism provides a framework for understanding biblical creation in light of scientific discovery. 
This view allows for harmony between science and religion. Through science, many lines of evidence for God are revealed.

What is the reason for doing all this?

I want you to experience the joy of discovery, as you see God in places you never expected. For those seeking an answer to the question of God's existence, I hope that the facts and evidence provided here will help you find truth.

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posted Jul 23, 2012
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