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A Mathematical Proof of God

By C. S. Davis
Feb 7, 2014

What can mathematics say about the existence or non-existence of God? It might seem laughable to even suggest such a connection, but researchers from the Free University in Berlin and the Vienna University of Technology have done just that.

Old Earth CreationismGödel's proof for the existence of God.

In the 1970's Kurt Gödel proposed a mathematical proof testing for God's existence. This proof was based on philosophical arguments that could be tested mathematically. The axioms, theorems, corollaries, and definitions of this formal proof are philosophical statements that translate into a set of equations. Here are the arguments of the proof (without the equations):

A1  Either a property or its negation is positive, but not both.
A2  A property necessarily implied by a positive property is positive.
T1  Positive properties are possibly exemplified.
D1  A God-like being possesses all positive properties.
A3  The property of being God-like is positive.
C    Possibly, God exists.
A4  Positive properties are necessarily positive
D2  An essence of an individual is a property possessed by it and
       necessarily implying any of its properties.
T2  Being God-like is an essence of any God-like being.
D3  Necessary existence of an individual is the necessary
       exemplification of all its essences.
A5  Necessary existence is a positive property.
T3  Necessarily, God exists.                                                          
Source Paper

Each philosophical statement has a corresponding equation. This formalizes arguments made by theologians and philosophers over the centuries that make the claim for God. The difference here is that this proof is testable mathematically. When Gödel first revealed it however, the means of solving such a complex set of equations did not exist.

The solution to Gödel's proof has been found using computers to solve the problem numerically.

The researchers were able to use modern analytical tools to solve the equations, validating the logical consistency of the argument. Their intent was only to develop a way of testing proofs like this analytically, and this unsolved test case made a perfect specimen. Now with a solution in hand and their methods validated, the world may be shocked at the results. They found Gödel's proof to be correct, logically God exists!

While this may not constitute hard proof for God's existence, it does prove the logical consistency of belief in God that is so often challenged by athiests. But while mathematics only tells us what is possible, science can separate what is real from what could possibly exist. God's existence is well supported in science through the fine tuning of the laws of nature, the finite age of the universe, and the biblical predictions of Earth's ancient history.

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posted Feb 7, 2014
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