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New Book! Designed to Evolve

By C. S. Davis
Jan 3, 2015

Book: Designed to Evolve.This press release is being announced for my new book:  “From the curator of RareUniverse.org, Motif Press presents the upcoming book, Designed to Evolve.  This book exposes the extensive scientific evidence for God’s existence and His role in creating the universe.  This book makes the case for God, as many atheist claims are rebuffed.”  This will be pre-released (digital only) for Kindle starting January 8, 2015.  The first edition is expected to be available in print by mid-February 2015.

For several years I have researched every area of origin science.  Those of you who have visited my website (RareUniverse.org) will be familiar with some of these concepts.  Now this book brings the available evidence to the next level.  Big bang cosmology, particle physics, natural history, and biology are analyzed in a vivid chronology of the universe, revealing the beauty of creation and making the sciences of origin comprehensible to the non-scientist.  This digs deep into the specific evidence and is backed up by references from many scientific journals, books, and other publications.

The implications of quantum mechanics, big bang theory, and relativity expose the limits of science, and provide an explanation for how the spiritual realm interacts with the physical.  Though this investigation, a clear mechanism for the soul is identified.  Modern theories of consciousness are surprisingly compatible with these findings.

The opposing view is not neglected.  A stroke of chance on infinite scales of time have been the mainstay of atheist ideology, including the many multiverse scenarios, unguided evolution, and the apparent disconnect between science and religion.  Yet, in the end, faith may be a required element of non-belief, given the amassing evidence.  The atheist's arguments are presented, and the flaws in their view are revealed.

Whether you believe with doubts, consider yourself undecided, or classify yourself as an atheist, this book will help you to have a fully informed view.  Designed to Evolve provides clear, credible, and verifiable evidence that represents the most complete scientific assessment available on the market today.  For those that believe, it is a great resource that answers many science/religion questions that are often raised in debates.

Visit the Designed to Evolve website for more info: Designed2Evolve.com

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posted Jan 3, 2015
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