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String Theory Fails Key Tests

By C. S. Davis
Dec 5, 2012

Following much fanfare, the announcement that the Higgs particle was found by the Large Hadron Collider at Cern grabbed headlines around the world. The last particle predicted by the standard model was found, now physicists would begin to probe for particles beyond the standard model, into the realm of string theory. With such great success and a giant particle accelerator at their disposal there is nothing stopping us from unraveling the secrets of string theory and a total theory of everything.

Now, after so much press for the Higgs, few seem to have noticed the latest news coming out of Cern. Experiments at high energies have begun testing for supersymmetry, a prediction from string theory that all standard model particles have a corresponding super partner, differing by half a unit of spin.

End of star formationWhat is the big deal about string theory?

For over thirty years string theory has occupied particle theorists time and been the hope of finding new physics beyond the standard model. String theory postulates that all
fundamental particles consist of a vibrating string of energy. The theory has promised to answer several questions of physics, such as, what is dark mater made of? What caused inflation? What is dark energy? Why do the fundamental particles have the masses that they do? These are important questions and worth the research dollars to discover them. But has too much faith been put in string theory?

Some physicists have forgotten that string theory is still just a hypothesis. It has no experimental evidence to back it up and few predictions that can be tested. Victor Stenger, Leonard Mlodinow, Stephen Hawking, among others, have used string theory to explain the fine tuning of the universe, to assert the existence of a multiverse, and claim that science has eliminated the need for a creator. Their assertions have been made with such certainty and confidence, assuming that string theory is correct. Many headlines have heralded their claims, such as in an interview with Hawking where he claims that God is a fairy tail.

What does the evidence say about string theory?

Now that the Large Hadron Collider has been running at energy levels of 4 TeV per beam, data has been collected that could shed some light on string theory. Results of these new tests of physics were announced last month at the Hadron Collider Physics conference in Kyoto, Japan. Disappointing sighs echoed through the physics world, though the media paid little attention. The report showed no new physics beyond the standard model, no evidence of suppersymmetry as was expected, and no hint of string theory. This is not just a case of not finding something. Theory predicted that supersymmetry should be observable at the energies reached, but it isn't there. As often goes with theories, beautiful mathematics doesn't always mean that it accurately describes reality.

One physicist, Mikhail Shifman, submitted a disparaging essay in response to the findings. He states that this new data is essentially the death blow to string theory and that attempts to salvage the theory would be wasted effort. Instead, he proposes that new theories need to be developed in light of this new data.

Interesting how nature has a way of correcting us. We dream up a wonderful theory, one that allows us to create ourselves. We consider that there is no end to our knowledge. Then we find out we are wrong. The theory that some have put so much faith in is wrong. This theory had promised to explain away evidence that makes the universe appear to be created by God. So many found security in their beliefs, because this theory provided a way out. But string theory has now been shown to be false. The claims based on this theory by Victor Stenger and Stephen Hawking are also false.

Now more than ever, science points to the fact that God created the universe. Their will always be ways to dream up theories that exclude God. But these are just dreams. Time and time again, these theories fail. When considering only theories that are well proven, evidence for God abounds.

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posted Nov 17, 2012
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